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The adoption journey

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The adoption journey

The adoption journey is a process which can lead to a fulfilling and happy life for you and your future family. In order for us to help, you first need to know what the journey is, and what is involved. These steps below will guide you through the nine-month process.

Make an enquiry

If you are thinking about adopting, you should first gather as much information as possible to decide if this is right for you. By making an enquiry with the council, we will provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision. We will send you an information pack with all the details about adoption, but also by a sending a Social Worker to visit you at a time that is convenient, so you can have a more in-depth discussion. A Registration of Interest Form will be provided for you to fill in during the visit.

Make an enquiry

Stage one

During the first stage, you will be asked to complete some learning and supplemental reading as well as a one day preparation training session. This is designed to develop your awareness of adoption and encourage you to explore adoption further.

During this time your allocated social worker will request the necessary checks and references and support you in your learning and development.

This stage should take two months.

Stage two

This stage usually takes four months to complete, and at the end a decision will be made about whether you will be approved as an adopter.

You will have regular assessment sessions with your allocated social worker, who will complete a report for the adoption panel.

There will also be four more training days to further your learning and to cover topics such as family finding and contact with birth parents.

Once the report is completed you will be asked to attend adoption panel, where a recommendation will be made about your suitability to adopt. This recommendation is then considered by the agency decision maker.

Family finding

Once you are in Stage 2 of the adoption process we will start family finding. Your assessing social worker will liaise with the Family Finders to identify children whose needs you are able to meet.

As Rotherham Adoption agency is part of Rotherham Council, the Adoption team have good links with frontline Social Workers who are responsible for children with an adoption plan. The Adoption Team also work closely with organisations such as the Yorkshire and Humber Consortium, Be My Parent, Children Who Wait and the National Adoption Register.

Throughout the family finding process, you will have professional support from your Social Worker and Family Finders who work hard to ensure that you are matched with the right child as quickly as possible.

Becoming parents

Once a child is placed with you there will be visits from your Social Worker as well as the child’s Social Worker. This is to make sure that as a family, you are receiving all the support that you need. They can make referrals to our therapeutic team who are there to make sure that, as a family, you are receiving all the support that you need and can make referrals to our therapeutic team if needed, as well as group support. This help will be provided until the Adoption Order is granted.

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Post adoption support

Support is offered to yourselves and the children until the turn 18 years old. In Rotherham we have a therapeutic team who can offer different levels of help and support.

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Do you feel you could parent a child through adoption, if so please contact the Adoption Team.

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