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Nick's story

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Nick's story

Nick Humphries is a 31-year-old single, homosexual male who is fostering for Rotherham. Here Nick shares his own fostering journey and urges other people, including those from the LGBT community to consider fostering or adoption.

I'd thought about adopting at first but I decided to concentrate on my career. I went to university, graduated as a Social Worker and then started working as a Family Mental Health Practitioner.

After about eight years I came back to wanting to care for a child and I decided that fostering would be best suited to my skills. I knew that children in the care system needed support and felt I could provide that for a child.

When I enquired to Rotherham Council about fostering it was so easy. We had a short chat on the phone and the social worker came out and visited me in my own home to get to know me a little more. The assessment process took around six months and I was fostering a 10-year-old boy within a few weeks of being approved.

I initially thought of fostering a school-aged child so that I could still work while they were at school. This changed during the assessment period, as my assessing social worker realised I had the experience and therapeutic skills to become a Foster Plus carer.

As a Foster Plus carer you have to foster full time because you're caring for children with more complex needs, which may need a more therapeutic approach due to issues surrounding challenging behaviour and attachment difficulties.

Luckily, as I was facing redundancy it gave me the push I needed to become a Foster Plus carer. I also feel that the Fostering Plus allowance supported me with making this decision.

Fostering has brought me, my family and my circle of friends closer together. Whereas before I would join in activities on my own with everyone and their children, now I join in with my foster child who is now a welcome member of these groups.

As a single carer I've had to make some changes to my life because it's not just about me anymore, but the little changes have been worth it. We are a family now. We go out on our bikes together, swim, play football and love being outdoors. I'm still getting to do everything I used to do but I'm sharing these experiences with my foster child.

Throughout the process, my social workers have been absolutely brilliant and I haven't felt that my sexuality or relationship status has affected anything all. I think if sexuality or relationship status is something that might stop someone from applying I'd say, don't let that stop you.

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