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Karen's story

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Karen's story

Adopting children can transform their young lives.

But for 35-year-old Rotherham lady Karen, going through the adoption process has also changed hers for the better.

Karen has recently become a single mum to two young sisters aged two and three thanks to the Rotherham Adoption Agency.

She chose to adopt due to having a hereditary genetic condition which she didn't want to pass on. Karen has also put her full-time NHS career on hold to concentrate on parenting her two daughters and is currently on a year's adoption leave.

“When you have a career, there will never be a ‘right time’ to start a family. I'd originally enquired about adoption four years ago while studying for my PhD which social workers advised I finished first. Now, I know that I can come back to a job that I love once the girls are settled and happy,” Karen says.

After applying online last June, Karen has found the support throughout each stage fantastic, praising the Rotherham adoption team's knowledge and real-life experience which brought the interactive training to life.

The team have also helped Karen through the transition period which can be hard for adopters. “I'd always imagined myself having girls and I instantly fell in love with the two sisters when I first read about them. By the time we met I felt like they were already mine, which made it difficult seeing them with the foster family and going home alone.”

Now a family of three, the girls love being outside, going to the park or seaside or just spending time with mum. They still have the occasional tantrum like most two-year-olds do but are very settled and loving and have started making progress in their development.

For prospective adopters, Karen says the best approach is to be honest with social workers and be wary of forums which can often be very negative.

“The process is very different for everyone; for me it was quick, smooth and enjoyable and I love the girls unconditionally regardless of DNA. But don't be afraid to say no if something isn't right for you – the support workers are there to help find a match.

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